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In my nine years as your Deputy, I have always maintained my independence throughout all major debates.   While I have consistently voted for food and other GST exemptions,   my priority is now to ensure that your taxes are targeted more effectively and all possible savings are achieved without impacting on those frontline public services I believe the public want. I will continue to support more generous benefits for our senior citizens and increased job opportunities for our young and disabled people

Proposer:     Lindy Taylor
Seconders:   John Baxter Marett, Patrick Edward Freely, Sheila Coutanche, Frank Norwood, Teresa Atkinson, Norman St. Helier Le Cocq, Maurice Vowden, Dr. Malachy Wilson and Denise Shrives..

About Jackie

Jackie Hilton has lived in St. Helier No. 3/4 district for 29 years.   She lives with her three children (ages 17, 19 & 20).   Being a States Member and a working mother, she fully understands the demands of combining her full-time role with a busy home life. Her last nine years in the States of Jersey as your elected representative have seen her maintain complete independence in all States policy debates.

Planning Issues

In 2008, Jackie pledged to you her constituents to fight any inappropriate development on green field sites, something she has achieved with a passionate determination. Also, with the unstinting support and contribution of La Pouquelaye residents,   Field 1248 has been kept green for future generations.

Jackie will also continue to monitor all significant town developments to ensure that they meet a high standard in amenity space and parking provision.


Jackie has been actively involved in community groups in both La Pouquelaye and First Tower. Jackie is the Chair of La Pouquelaye Youth Committee, Vice-Chair of St. Helier Youth Committee and a member of the First Tower Community Association.   Recently she chaired a sub-committee of the First Tower Community Association which worked jointly with St. Andrews Church in staging a very successful summer fĂȘte raising £3,740.00 for the youth project (Hang-Out).
She has been the driving-force behind achieving an extension to the Hang-Out premises, doubling the amount of space available to the young people and, in the process, sourcing essential funding to renovate the premises.

Jackie has been actively involved in the delivery of the Town Park from its inception.   At critical stages in its delivery, as the former Chair of the Town Park Implementation Group,   Jackie together with her Committee successfully steered the project to a 2011 completion .


It is of real concern to Jackie that not enough is being done to protect jobs for local people, specially our youngsters, who are suffering the brunt of rising levels of long-term unemployment.

She would like to see a review of non-local licenses to companies currently holding them and greater scrutiny of those businesses requesting them in order to establish the benefits if any to your local community in granting them.

Law & Order

Jackie is currently the Assistant Minister for Home Affairs, a post which she has held for almost three years.   Before 1999, Jackie was a Centenier in St. Helier for four years.   She continues to have a keen interest in judicial and policing matters and will defend robustly against any interference from outside the island Jersey ’s right to set its own sentencing policy
Jackie has an impressive record of attendance at Parish Assemblies where she consistently challenges the granting of inappropriate liquor licenses, scoring a real victory with local residents in successfully closing the Eagle Tavern permanently.

It is a matter of great concern to Jackie that the granting of 6th category licenses continues unabated while, at the same time, as a society we address the serious problem of underage drinking.   If re-elected Jackie will continue to press for a long awaited Licensing Law which will she hopes address some of the issues surrounding the night time economy.

Parish Matters

Jackie currently sits on the Parish Accounts Committee.   In her role as Vice-Chair of St. Helier Youth Committee she has been successful in increasing the budget for youth-led projects, in the short space of three years from £60,000 to £120,000.

She has acted on behalf of the Constable at official events – from hosting a Vin d`Honneur for visiting guests, reviewing the colours of St. John Ambulance Brigade alongside the Lt. Governor to representing the Parish at memorial events.

Jackie believes very strongly that an unfair burden is placed on St. Helier ratepayers and will support wholeheartedly the Constable’s efforts to have the States of Jersey pay rates on its properties in St. Helier.


Jackie was Assistant Housing Minister between 2005 and 2008 and is well aware of the problems facing young and old alike when it comes to affordable housing whether in the private or social rented sector.

She recently supported the Constable in purchasing six new family homes under the Homebuy scheme for £276,000 each.   She was invited to join one of the advisory groups set up by the former Planning Minister to address the very serious issues surrounding the lack of affordable and social housing.
Jackie is determined to try and reverse this state of affairs if re-elected.

Aims for 2012 - 2014
Youth Employment
Work on Lack of affordable and social housing
Improved services for the elderly
Protection of green field sites and
Improved amenity standards on new developments

Jackie Hilton considers it an honour and privilege to serve her constituents and would like to continue to do so as your Deputy for at least another three years.

So please give Jackie Hilton your careful consideration



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